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Getting Started is Easy!

At MedImpact Direct, we make getting your prescriptions hassle free. You can have them delivered right to your door.

Maintenance Medication Mail Delivery

MedImpact Direct Mail
How do I get started?

First, check with your employer or health plan to see if you are eligible. Then, to start mail-order service, you will need a 90-day-supply prescription(s) from your doctor. We will need to know your allergies, payment information and shipping address. Click on the Register Now button to begin.

You have several options for getting your prescription(s) to us:

  • From this Website

    After you create an online account, you can send us a new prescription(s) or transfer current prescription(s) from a retail pharmacy. Choose "Request or Submit a New Prescription" at the top of the "My Medications" screen and follow steps.

  • From Your Doctor

    Ask your provider to send your prescription(s) to us via e-Prescribing, or fax to us at (888) 783-1773.

  • Mail Us Your Prescription

    First, print and complete this order form::
    Download Order Form

    Second, print and complete this HIPAA release form:
    Download HIPAA Release Form

    Send both forms, along with your prescription(s), to:
    MedImpact Direct Mail®
    PO Box 51580
    Phoenix, AZ 85076-1580

When will I receive my medication(s)?

If you choose standard shipping, you should receive your medicine(s) within 10 days from the date we receive the order.

How do I confirm medical need for my new prescription(s) or refill?

MedImpact Direct Mail® is committed to patient safety. When we receive a new prescription directly from your doctor without your prior consent, we ask you to confirm the need for the shipment by text message, email or phone call.

How do I order refills?

You can order refills for your medicine(s) once your first prescription has been filled.

Download brochure

Download the MedImpact Direct Mail® brochure for more registration and ordering instructions.

Still have questions?

View our Frequently asked questions.

Specialty Medication Delivery

MedImpact Direct Specialty
Specialty medications typically need:

• Careful care, such as cold storage
• Close follow-up to see how you are doing with the drug
• Support for the way you take the drug, such as injection

How do I get started?

You don’t need to do anything to get started. Your doctor will contact us directly. One of our network pharmacies will call you to start therapy.

How are specialty medications processed and shipped?

Your medication will be processed and shipped by a pharmacy in our network of accredited dispensing pharmacies. Shipping times will vary, depending on which drug is shipped.

Need more information?

Call us toll-free at 1-877-391-1103 (TTY dial 711) 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. We are happy to help you with understanding your specialty medication(s). You may also view our Frequently asked questions.